For users

Q.What's Mink Chatter, han????

A. It is a platform to grab the best offers/deals, book events, hotels & apartments and much more.!!!I SEE!!!

Q.Why use Mink Chatter?

A. Use the superb services on Mink Chatter and take your experiences to a brand new level.
It is a unique platform for chatting, sharing and shopping.!!!HMMM!!!
Enjoy the full access to browse, save and share your coupons and deals.!!!COOOL!!!
Play with oodles of suggestive texts and stickers, coupons and deals from around 50 kilometers.!!!WOWW!!!

Q.How Mink Chatter is helpful?

A. This is the internet age and e-commerce is the new way of doing business, so we provide your business with extra visibility and supervision. ...
Exhibit your offers online and increase your customer reach by using our Display slot.
You get to keep the slot for the full duration of subscribed time even when your coupons have been sold off and you can add or remove more coupons.!!!Hurray!!!

Q.Want to go for special promotions on Mink Chatter in your city?

A. We are continuously expanding the boundaries of our presence.
We will come to you soon.!!!!Hurray!!!
If you want to enjoy Mink Chatter features in your city, please contact us at!!!Thumbs UP!!!

Q.Would you like to be a partner or maybe send a quotation?

A. Check out our "FOR YOUR BUSINESS" section' or email us at

Q.Why is it necessary to provide phone number during the registration?

A. It is required because it instantly validates the uniqueness of your account.

Q. How to stay updated with the latest promotions?

A. Just sign up on Mink Chatter?s website or download the application.
We will regularly update you with our special promotions.!!!!Hurray!!!!
You can also follow our shares in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Q. Did you buy a coupon and do not know/have no idea, how to use it?

A. The information that you have bought a coupon directly appears in the "My Deals" section of your personal account. !!!Hmmmm!!!
Just print it out and present it at the place (or show on the phone).

Q. When is the expiry date for your coupon?

A. It depends on the deal/coupon/promo.
It is mentioned in every coupon description or terms and conditions.!!!RIGHT!!!

Q. Can you send an extra coupon to your friend?

A. Yes, you can send it to your friends any time.!!!!HURRAY!!!

Q. What should you do if the business doesn't accept your coupon?

A. Each coupon is displayed by the business itself and it?s totally on the discretion of the business to accept or reject the coupon.!!!CLEAR AND SIMPLE!!!

For Businesses

Q.How to upload your coupons?

A. You can click on our website's ?Register & Upload? button on the upper right hand corner of the homepage.
You will be redirected to our Coupon Registration page where you can simply fill in your details and easily upload the coupon. !!!CLEAR AND SIMPLE!!!

Q.How will shoppers use this option to visit your business?

A. There is one coupon per user which they can also gift to their friends. After saving the coupon the user will need to show it to you in order to avail the offer.
You can confirm the coupon and give out the benefits accordingly.!!!EASY AND AMAZING!!!

Q. How to pay for posting your deals/coupons?

A. By clicking "Buy" button, you can choose any convenient way of payment from Credit Card, PayPal and Net Banking.!!!SIMPLE!!!

Q. Is it like Groupon? How is it different?

A. It is very different from Groupon. Minkchatter, as the name suggests, is basically a chatting platform where you can also spot deals/coupons and share it with your friends as well.!!!SMART!!!

Q. How does MinkChatter spot deals?

A. It works according to user's GPS. You can find all the deals within 5 to 50 km of your area.!!!!COOL!!!

Q.How is it different from other platforms of same category?

A. It is an entirely brand new platform and compared to others, Mink Chatter is much more beneficial and lucrative for businesses.

Q.How can you contact us?

A. You can visit the "Contact Us" section of our website and e-mail your queries and suggestions anytime.!!!!You are Welcome!!!

For Events

Q. How does Mink Chatter work?

A. Mink Chatter helps you to discover everything happening within a 50 km radius around you.!!!!Amazing!!!
There are music festivals, meet ups, concerts, conferences, social events, sports, events, movies and much more to discover.!!!!HURRAY!!!
Just download Mink Chatter app on your smartphone. The app will detect your location (you may also select any place of your interest).!!!SIMPLE AND COOL!!!

Q. Which is the easiest way to use Mink Chatter?

A. Download the app from Google Play Store and install the Mink Chatter iOS/Android app. You need not worry if you don't have a smartphone. You can still access Mink Chatter?s features on our website

Q. How to find your favourite event on Mink Chatter?

A. Once the app loads the events list, tap on the filter icon on the bottom left.
You can now filter the results based on a range of categories from conferences & networking to music and performing arts, sports events to fundraisers and political events, classes & workshops to festivals, etc.!!!Wooowww!!!
You may also filter events based on date/time as well as distance or relevance.

Q. How to invite your friends to an event?

A. If you want to invite your friends to an event or just think that it's a cool event to share, go to the event's detail page and you will see a button for sharing this event on social platforms.!!!!!SIMPLE AND COOL!!!!

Q. How to create an Event?

A. Go to the 'Events' section of the 'Upload' menu and fill in the required details through an application form. !!!!EASY!!!
Once, it is approved by the Admin Team, your event will be live within 24-48 hours.!!!!HURRAY!!!

Q. How to change the time or edit an event information?

A. We will mail you the link at the time of sign up to edit event information.!!!!EASY!!!

Q. Couldn't find your event on Mink Chatter?

A. Please contact us at!!!!SIMPLE!!!

Q. Do you like Mink Chatter? Let us know ?

A. If you like Mink Chatter, share your experience with your friends. Keep checking back on Mink Chatter as we keep on adding new events 24x7! Share the events you like with your buddies, go out together and have a blast.!!!!HURRAY!!!
Above all, please let us know that you liked us. We are all ears to know how we are doing, any help we can offer or any cool features you feel should be added to Mink Chatter to make your events discovery experience more exciting.
Simply write to us and get in touch with our customer service team.!!!!EASY!!!

Mink Rooms

Q. What is Mink Rooms?

A. Mink Rooms is one of India's largest branded networks of hotels and hosted apartments offering standardized rooms in different locations across the country.

Q. Can I only book hotel rooms on Mink Rooms?

A. No, you may book both hotel rooms and hosted apartments on Mink Rooms.

Q.How can I live with a stranger as a guest/host?

A. Mink Rooms verifies IDs in order to make sure you are as familiar as possible with your guest or host before meeting so that a certain level of trust can be built. The verified ID on Mink Rooms include a picture of a government approved ID such as a passport or driver?s license, a linked profile of any active social media site and contact details. You may also read reviews about the person based on previous Mink Rooms? experiences.

Q.What amount can I charge as a host?

A. The amount you charge is your decision. Once you sign up with us, we help you set the price according to several factors in travel trends.

Q. Do children and adults pay the same price for a Mink Room?

A. This is determined by the respective host of your apartment or the hotel you've chosen to stay in.

Q. How does a host get paid?

A. The host never has to directly deal with the guest for the money. That is done through Mink Rooms enabling a smooth transaction. The guest is charged before they arrive and the host receives it through PayPal, MoneyWire, direct deposit etc. in a minimum of 24 hrs after the guest checks-in.

Q. How do I prepare for my guest as a host?

A. Just clean the space where you will be accommodating your guest(s) and have essentials ready such as bed sheets, linen, towels and so on.

Q. How do guests choose a hotel or apartment?

A. The rooms would appear in a list on the website according to the filters our guest had applied. From there, they can choose and reserve the space that appeals to them.

Q. What are the standard check-in and check-out timings?

A. The standard check-out time is 11 a.m. and the standard check-in time is 12 p.m.

Q. I am a hotel owner. How can I partner with Mink Rooms?

A. To join our ever expanding network of hotels, simply contact us on the phone numbers provided on Mink Chatter?s website or click on Register>Travel option on the website.

Q.How much does a Mink Room cost? Are there any hidden charges to be paid?

A. Our Rooms start from 400 INR with no hidden charges.

Q. How can I book a Mink Room?

A. Mink Rooms can be booked through our app, our official website or on phone by calling us.

Q. What documents do I need to carry to the hotel to ensure a quick check-in?

A. Carry the confirmation e-mail/booking ID sent to you at the booking time and any proof of identity with your address and photograph mentioned. Please note that PAN card is not accepted as ID proof.

Q. Does any payment need to be made at the time of booking?

A. Our customers have the option to pay at the time of booking or at the time of check-out from the hotel.

Q. What are the key features of 'standardized' Mink Rooms?

A. Mink Rooms features and facilities include air conditioning, television and free Wi-Fi.

Q. Can I make a Mink Rooms booking for someone else?

A. Sure, all you have to do is type in their name and details instead of yours at the time of booking, although your profile information will be used as a default.

Q. How safe is hosting an apartment?

A. Hosting is very safe. Nevertheless, it does come with certain responsibilities, as a host you must have your home insured, interact with your guest smartly and carry out the payment process through the website in order to avoid any problems that may arise.

Q. Am I safe in a Mink Rooms apartment?

A. You have to become familiar with your host. Although problems of any kind are very rare, but you must take precautions.

Q. When will I be able to contact my host?

A. As soon as you have confirmed your booking online or on our app, you will be given your host?s contact information. After that you may communicate and coordinate accordingly.

Q. How is the price of the hosted space determined?

A. It is primarily determined by the host itself after which we verify and ensure they are charging a genuine price.

Q. Do I have to sign-up on your website before I book a Mink Room?

A. Yes, sign up is necessary in order to book a Mink Room. Don't worry! it is a short and easy process.

Q. Can I book Mink Rooms in different locations for different nights of my trip?

A. Yes, you can book Mink Rooms at different locations for different nights of your trip.

Q. What is travel hopping?

A. Travel Hopping is a beautiful way to make the most of one trip by planning your stay in different locations and hotels for different dates of your vacation. This can be done from hotel rooms to apartments or vice versa.