Sell smarter and faster with an intelligent sales CRM

Mink Chatter CRM is one, integrated product that helps companies deliver outstanding customer experiences by breaking barriers between marketing, sales, and support teams. It provide a seamless customer experience across marketing, sales, and customer support, that increases engagement, wins more deals, and fosters brand loyalty. View pre-built insights, or build your own custom reports, charts, and forecasts to predict the customer behavior, and build a scalable sales.

Increase quality Leads

Tired of getting old, unqualified leads and having your referrals languish without any attempts at followup? With CRM every person in the company becomes part of your marketing team. Drive more top of the funnel activity with qualified leads based on business rules and machine learning. Ensure every lead is pursued with automated allocations, qualification scripts, and customized workflows.

Boost Campaign ROI

It?s possible to get marketing down to a science. By integrating sales strategies into marketing planning, you can trace sales revenues back to campaigns of their origin, systematically break down lead capture and conversion rates, monitor campaign performance in real-time, and recalibrate marketing strategies & campaign execution in a cinch with easy-to-use analytics and customizable reports.

Reports & Dashboards

Get actionable insights into campaign performance and build ad hoc reports with ease for smarter campaign execution.

Targeted Marketing - Email & SMS

Send real-time personalized messages and responses tailored for specific customer inquiries.

Grow your customer database

Grow A bigger Customer List Automatically add online bookings to your database and easily add and sort new entries. Import your existing database in seconds. Enable Better Marketing Use the data that comes from online CRM to plan and execute better marketing campaigns.