about us

Mink chatter is the newest interactive platform on the block for people to Chat, share and shop in an exciting way. It has many utility features and a customized keyboard that gives you control of all the text you type. You can change colors, Save deals and offers, look up suggestions for replies while answering Chat and a whole lot more with this keyboard.

Mink Chatter is an interactive feast for its users and it is also a wonderful business platform for local businesses. Business owners can upload coupons, deals and offers for everyone to see which in turn helps them in interacting with their customers in a digital way. The best part for business is that users will be able to see offers published within 50 KM range. Mink chatter users can save as many coupons as they want, for free and present them to the business or online and redeem them. Users can also gift coupons to thier friends. So if you are a business owner and want to be on the top of your game, give your existing and prospective customers exciting offers and get your business Minked!

You can keep a track of local, national and international events, can book or share them with your friends. You can also view multiple newspapers, magazines to stay up-to-date about local and world news on Mink Chatter.

Mink Chatter is a joint endeavor of IndianMesh Pvt. Ltd. which is an IT company based in India and IMesh LLC based in USA, founded by a young, enthusiastic Harvard graduate Abhishek Gupta, who is also the brain behind Mink Chatter.


Hi there!

First off, I would love to welcome you to the official website of "Mink Chatter". My name is Abhishek and I'm the founder of Mink Chatter that has been designed, keeping in mind the modern fast life and hectic routine of today?s generation.

Mink Chatter had been in my mind for a long time. I know the troubles people go through, to think of a clever response, only to get a response either too late or too slow. Also, sometimes we are in that state of a mind, where we can take a message only one way. I hate misunderstandings, don't you?

Mink Chatter is a messaging accessory to connect you to your friends and family and people globally. You can share images, stickers and multi-lingual texts with your contacts anytime, anywhere, and stay connected. It helps you in responding quickly with thousands of textual and graphic response suggestions that are updated every day. Responses that are most popular automatically come at the top of the suggestions list so you can know what the whole world is saying.

Mink Chatter also has a feature through which you can get to know about all the events globally. Imagine your favorite band is in town and you don?t know about it. Aren?t you going to regret it all your life that you missed it just because you had no information? So it helps you to track down all those events, which interests you. The best part is that you can book the event or share it with your friend.

Now if you are a kind of a person who likes to be up-to-date about all the activities happening around the world. Mink Chatter has a solution for that also. You can read multiple newspapers and magazines using our cool app. It makes you a perfectionist of global general knowledge.

With so many mobile messaging apps already in the market, Mink Chatter aims to provide you with a whole new way of messaging and sharing. Our Team aspires to keep itself ten steps ahead of NOW and is driving ahead, full speed, on the wheels of Innovation!

The app also serves as a platform to keep you updated with the latest discounts and deals in your vicinity as well as globally so wherever you eat or shop, so you can enjoy more while saving some bucks.

In this website, you can find out more about the app and About Us. You can also leave your comments, queries and suggestions in the "Contact Us" section. We would love to hear from you.

Till then keep chatting, shopping, partying & spreading happiness! With Regards

Abhishek Gupta (Founder- Mink Chatter)