Inventory management software for growing businesses

Running out of stock can hurt your business a lot, but those spreadsheets and "guesstimating" isn't going to optimize your business. This is where Inventory Management system takes your worries away, by telling you how much you will sell and how much to stock.

Ensure a steady supply of goods across your value chain.

Warehouse Management

Check stock level, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and generate reports for specific warehouses within seconds. Warehouse inventory management, at your fingertips.

Stock Level Control

Control the stock volume of your business and avoid having products just sitting around.

Make Better Purchases

Generate a list of products that are low in stock, so you can quickly send a purchase order to your supplier.

Calculate Inventory Cost

Your inventory is the backbone of your business and one of your most important financial investments. That is why knowing exactly how much your inventory costing you is important when making strategic business decisions.

Sell by weight or length

It gives you the ability to sell custom lengths or weight with the "Fractional Sale" feature. Helping you keep track of how many kilograms, pounds, feet or meters you have bought and sold. Every time you sell an item by weight or length, it will be automatically deducted from the bulk.

Streamline order processing.

Establish a smooth process flow, from issuing a sales quote to fulfilling an order. Each order is assigned a unique ID for tracking across the value chain. You can also view orders by their status.

Monitor sales activities.

Record the details of every sale without any hassle. Retailers can view the sales record and invoice amount for any transaction, as well as the amounts receivable and existing balances.

Report & Analysis

Keep a tight control on the daily consumption by viewing the Variance Reports. Forecast sales and the raw material consumption based on the data.

Supplier Management

Set delivery days, cut-off times and get order reminders and get alerts and track shorts, subs, and billing irregularities.

Automatic Purchase Orders

Get low-stock alerts and pre-filled purchase orders drafts with suggested order quantities and supplier information.

RFID/Barcode Ready Inventory

Link bar codes to delivered items for quick inventory calculations and updates & Count inventory items using bar codes scanning.